Is this the future / Tobias Ewe

written on March 18th, 2121


We finally moved! 

As I wrote last week, we're leaving our apartment in the Copenhagen commune and starting our trip to the new biome in Essen. I've never been, but it just sounds like such a great place to be right now. People call it the centre of Europe, but I do have my doubts. 


Anyway, I found an old list I made back in the 21st century. I guess I was really into the future back then. 




Existence will not be easy.

Computers will not save us.

AI will not exist - they will take offense to you calling them "artificial."

Interfaces will not be "experiences."

Users will not be "people."

Power structures will not dissolve. Unless you make them.

We will not live on Mars.

Global warming will not have ended. It will have transformed.

You will not own a (self-driving) car


Capitalism might crumble.

Europe might still exist. USA will not.

Suburbs might be eradicated in favour of sustainable urban living.

You might live in Africa (if you can afford it).

You might not have money for a computer, but you know how to build one.

Money might still exist...


Science will be poetic again.

You will ride your bicycle.

Neoliberalism will fall.

Freedom of sexuality will be a given. Gender equality will not.

You will create art.

You will go to work.

You will still hate your job.

We will decide together.

We will live together.



As you see, it was a while ago. I mean, I definitely got a lot of that wrong. Still, it's pretty interesting to see how hopeful I was back then. 



/signing off... 


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